My name is Joaquin Arias, I am a professional fly fishermen and fly tier, and I have been fishing the rio Gallegos and it surroundings since I was a little boy along with my father. I like to fish every type of water and species, since the smallest spring creek to the gorgeous Rio Gallegos. I own deep knowledge about fishing techniques and tactics, both with one handed and spey Rods. I have travelled with my rod everywhere and I know that I still having a lot to know and learn. Also, I have long experience as fly fishing guide, and my prime objective is to you enjoy the best of your trip...you are in good hands!


Hi! I am Leandro Caparrós, and I have been a fishermen since I have memory. I Started with fly fishing really young in my home waters from southern patagonia, learning and developing professionally the best techniques applied in these rivers and species. I have experience as fly fishing and outdoor activities guide and I love to pursuit anadromous fish!, anyway...I would cast a fly anywhere!. my intention is to give you the tools and knowledge, keeping in mind a full fly fishing experience so you can take home a fish and always more….
We’ll be waiting for you!