Contact us here at TPR (Clicking Here) and drop us a detailed email using our online enquiry form with your personal details. This gives us the opportunity to align your needs with our programs or even customize your trip. Everything is planned with great care and attention to detail, and you are advised with regular updates leading up to the trip.  An important aspect is that we keep a careful tracking on the weather and water condition and, if we see that things are not looking as we expect, we have the opportunity to offer an alternative fishing place, a non-fishing activity or delay/postpone your trip at no additional cost according to our reservation calendar. The price quoted is always inclusive with no hidden costs so you know before you commit to the trip.


Your safety is fundamental to us therefore we do carry a satellite phone and other safety equipment for emergency purposes. Our guides are trained in first aid and emergency response and we have an emergency plan with backup resources in the city. However, the places we fish does not present any high risks to take with special care. Our guides are fully qualified and carry the necessary safety kits as basic items. We will provide you with all necessary information you need to be aware of so that you can relax and enjoy your time with us prior to embarking on your trip. We will take care of special diet requirements, allergies or any other health condition that you would need to stay comfortable and safe, just let us know prior your booking. South Patagonia is a place  that does not have any dangerous animals such as snakes, poisonous insects or  any other dangerous animals or plants.  You are welcome to ask us any questions at any time prior, or during your trip to ensure you just relax and have a great time! Come and enjoy an amazing experience in our beautiful rivers! For more information on booking your customised tour with TPR, please click here to contact us.
Although the waters in Argentina are of public domains, we do have private access in vehicle along private Estancias to the rivers we fish. In this way, it allows us to granted access to undisturbed river sections and with a low probability to find another fishermen. This means that we can maximize our fishing chances and to enjoy the environments in an unic way. There is always the choice of walk the vast backcountry and go deeper in the wilderness, specially in the small and beautiful spring creeks.  On the other hand, for sea trout, the places to fish are defined on where the main runs are at your arrival….and...we certanly know where they’ll be!!


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