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We have access to a good sections of small rivers and spring creeks located near the city,  where we can find excellent brown trout and Brook trout fishing. These rivers are 1 or 2 hours away from Rio Gallegos. They are ideal for enjoying light fishing gear, walking their banks in a large part of their extension looking for the best places and having good catches of trout, while enjoying some of the most emblematic and wild landscapes of southern patagonia. The fishing is by the day, leaving and returning to the city, and consists of approximately 10 full hours of fishing .  Meal, snack and drinks are included. / Wine and Beer. * Not including accommodation in the city of Río Gallegos.
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Although the waters in Argentina are of public domains, we do have private access in vehicle along private Estancias to the rivers we fish. In this way, it allows us to granted access to undisturbed river sections and with a low probability to find others fishermens. This means that we can maximize our fishing chances and to enjoy the environments in an unic way. There is always the choice of walk the vast backcountry and go deeper in the wilderness, specially in the small and beautiful spring creeks.  On the other hand, for sea trout, the places to fish are defined on where the main runs are at your arrival….and...we certanly know where they’ll be!!


Season: Brook Trout: November 1st -28th February.
              Brown Trout: November 1st -31st March.
Skill level: Beginner to very experienced
Fitness level: average to good
Trout species:Brook trout - Brown Trout
Fishing methods: Classic dry fly fishing; Nymphing;  skating dries; Streamer fishing
Up to 2 anglers per Guide
- Fishing licence not included in final price (we will manage acquisition)

Recommended gear:

- Fly rods class 4 to 6
- Floating lines, intermediates lines and sink tips type ¾ - polyleaders
- Waders: they are usefull in early season, but not indispensable.
- Trekking sport shoes should be considered to walk comfortable along the river banks.
- Flies: streamers flies, zonkers, wolly buggers and leeches. Nymphs, hares ear, prince or rubber legs. Big dries, chernobil or terrestrials. Damsel flies too.
(we offer a fly selection tied by us)
- Sunglasses, sun block, hat or cap.
- Warm clothes, rain and windstopper jacket.
- Backpack 25/30 Lts.